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The Perfect Venue for Love: Catherine and Daniel's Wedding at Maison Albion | WNY Wedding Venue

Summer is the season of love, and Catherine and Daniel's beautiful wedding at Maison Albion was a perfect way to celebrate. Catherine and Daniel's big day was a grand affair, starting with a beautiful church ceremony and ending with a fun-filled reception at Maison Albion.

The ceremony was held in a stunning church, where Catherine and Daniel exchanged their vows surrounded by their loved ones. It was an emotional moment filled with love, laughter, and happy tears. After the ceremony, the wedding party headed to Maison Albion. The bride and groom greeted their guests on our grand pillared front porch with a glass of champagne.

Maison Albion was a sight to behold, with waltz music filling the air. The guests explored every nook and cranny of the mansion before heading out to the Circle Garden for cocktails and appetizers. The reception occurred on our Stone Terrace under an enormous chandelier light tent, with a world map as the seating chart. Each table was pinned to a different location, symbolizing "all the places we went, and here's to all the places we'll go." The dinner was delicious, and the guests enjoyed a variety of dishes while mingling with each other.

After dinner, the wedding party entered The Ballroom for dessert, dancing, and a champagne tower. Catherine and Daniel's cake was stunning, with five layers and a beautiful blue, white, and orange color scheme. Though it toppled over as they went to cut it, it created a funny moment that they will never forget.

Despite the cake mishap, Catherine and Daniel had a great time, pouring champagne over their champagne tower and hitting the dance floor. They even joined in some late-night karaoke, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Catherine and Daniel's summer wedding was a beautiful celebration of love and romance. From the grand church ceremony to the fun-filled reception at Maison Albion, every moment was filled with love, laughter, and joy, leaving their guests with cherished memories of a magical day.

Vendors Included:

Caterer: Zambistros

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