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Erin & Kyler's Enchanting Autumnal Wedding at Maison Albion| Maison Albion| Buffalo Reception Venue

Erin and Kyler's wedding at Maison Albion was magical, with a moody and intimate vibe that perfectly complemented the autumnal charm. Join us as we delve into the details of this enchanting celebration that unfolded against the backdrop of rainy weather, sensual photo vibes, and the exquisite Maison Albion.

The Love Story:

Erin and Kyler's love story began in high school, where they first met and kindled a romance that stood the test of time. From those early days of high school sweethearts to the momentous occasion of their wedding, their journey has been a testament to enduring love.

The Venue:

The ceremony occurred at a charming church in Buffalo, NY, setting the stage for a heartfelt union. The reception at Maison Albion unfolded in a uniquely curated setting. The Garden Terrace, adorned with a tent, hosted the reception, while the Ballroom and Ballroom Patio provided the perfect spaces for cocktail hour and dancing.

The Vibe:

Their reception was a mix of moody, autumnal, and intimate; Erin and Kyler's wedding exuded a unique charm. The autumnal reception embraced fall vibes with a carefully curated color scheme and florals that set the mood for a romantic and intimate celebration. The rain added an element of enchantment, creating a cozy atmosphere that enhanced the overall vibe of the day.

The Attire:

The stunning bride, Erin, wore a dress that embodied sensuality and elegance. Her gown featured a beaded embroidered Chantilly lace bodice with long sleeves, a low V-neckline, and a V-back, capturing the essence of romance. Kyler, stealing the show, donned a Black Paisley Tuxedo – a perfect blend of traditional and modern style. The wedding party, red velvet dresses and all black tuxedos, complemented the couple, adding a touch of sophistication and significance to the day.

Erin and Kyler's wedding at Maison Albion celebrated love, passion, and their enduring bond as high school sweethearts. The moody, autumnal atmosphere and Maison Albion's enchanting spaces created a genuinely intimate and unforgettable experience. As the rain kissed the gardens and the Ballroom echoed with laughter and dance, Erin and Kyler embarked on the next chapter of their love story, leaving behind a day filled with timeless memories.

Vendors included:

Reception Venue: Maison Albion

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