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The Market at Maison | Western New York Special Event Venue | Maison Albion

Maison Albion welcomed Spring at our third Market at Maison! Maison Albion welcomed over 450 guests over the two days. Guests were greeted with colorful Spring baskets to carry around all their purchased goodies. Guests used two antique Francs as tokens for their drinks provided by Maison Albion’s in-house bar service, Mixologie. Mixologie crafted some sweet mocktails for market goers to sip on while they shopped. The first drink was the “Spring Splash” which consisted of Sprite, strawberry puree, lime juice, and strawberry simple syrup. The second was “Minty at the Market” which consisted of mint+lime muddled with honey simple syrup, club soda, and a lime garnish.

As guests walked in, they were greeted with many goods from several local small businesses. Guests paid to have their hair beautifully braided by Sik Braids, Carousel Cookies brought in several of their homemade cookies, the smell of lavender roamed the ballroom from Bristol Hills Lavender and Flowers and lavender flowers and goodies, and so many other unique vendors. Many were spread out all over the Ballroom, Ballroom Foyer, and patio. As guests were shopping and drinking Mixologie’s tasty drinks they stopped to grab a bite from the Big Cheese Food Truck, who served their delicious and unique grilled cheese creations and more at our market both days.

Maison Albion offered many beautiful spring photo opportunities for all Market attendees. In the Ballroom Foyer an umbrella wall from Bella Umbrellas was placed behind a loveseat and chairs for guests to snap a picture. Outside at our pond our newest addition to Maison Albion, our boat, La Betite Bateau, was filled with flowers and guests were able to have photo sessions in the boat captured by Dorian Mode Photography.

Merci to all of our guests and vendors who welcomed spring with us at The Market at Maison!

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