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The Long Legged View is a book about " The Pillars" - the estate that we purchased and converted to Maison Albion. It's a story of NYC showgirl who traded her life to live in Apple Country. 


About the author: I was only ten when my grandfather died, but I remember loving him very much and enjoying his company. When I read the stories in this book, written by my grandfather's second wife, Pat Carr, they vividly brought back the memories of him. I could "hear" him saying some of his favorite phrases, and "see" the look on his face! My father was a lot like his father, and carried on many of the same traditions, like singing a little ditty when he was being devilish, or making my sister and I mind by just speaking our names in a certain tone. I enjoyed editing and retyping these stories from Pat, and I hope you enjoy reading the tales of a farm wife and landlady. Nicki Carr Tiffany, May, 2009

The Long Legged View " The Pillars"

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