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Buffalo New York Wedding Venue | Maison Albion | Rose Apothecary Styled Shoot

The Rose Apothecary shoot was a moment that captured the never-ending love of this beautiful couple, inspired by the television show, Schitt's Creek. The women shared moments of laughter and joy getting ready for the special moment in the Bridesmaids suite at Maison Albion, raising a glass for the special occasion. The gowns were hand picked from Blissetts Bridal in Medina, NY. Each dress was picked out by the bridal party and catered to fit each member perfectly. Men's wear was provided by Charles' Men's shop in Batavia, NY. The Rose Apothecary shoot was unique to suit the bridal party and highlight the love between the beautiful couple. The men gathered in the gentleman's lounge to raise their glasses for his special moment.

The decor highlighted the unique moment, featuring the banner that compares the couples love to that of Mariah Carey. The black and white theme of the shoot provided elegance to the bridal scene. The couple met for the first time this day on the grand staircase enhancing a moment of royalty and elegance. were married at the bottom of the ball room staircase, which highlights the modern yet vintage style the couple was striving for. Captivating the elegance, was not only Crafted Around You photography but also a painting of the couple created by Liberty Arts. The painting element provided an old school theme to the event. Each of these moments will be cherished forever by the beautiful couple on their special day.

Maison Albion provided an enchanting moment for the couple, captivating the laughter, love and memories that will live on for this couple always. The ballroom was decorated by Creekside Floral and McCarthy Events especially catered for the couple, incorporating all of their wants and needs from this exceptional day. The gown hung from the grand staircase, anticipating the brides moment. The moments created on this evening at Maison Albion will linger in the walls of the venue, as well as in the minds of those who experienced this moment, forever.

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