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Western New York Photo Shoot Location | Maison Albion | A Tale as Old as Time

At Maison Albion, a perfect Belle and a cursed Beast came together for one enchanting night. Be our guest in the mansion to view this tale as old as time!

In one room, you’ll find a Beast who spends most of his day looking in the mirror missing the man he once was. He can’t go back until he puts his stubbornness aside to find true love. As he looks in the mirror, he sees the bewitched rose slowly losing its glowing petals in the background. The Beast is running out of time.

In another room is his guest. A charming, beautiful woman with her head in the books. Belle doesn’t know what to make of her host as she’s seen only one side of him. She is a curious one by trying to find some good in the Beast.

As dinnertime approaches, Belle and the Beast spend time in the library together picking out her favorite books. There’s not much else to do in the mansion besides reading. The dinner bell has rung and the table is set. Belle, with her polite demeanor, slowly sips her tea. On the far end, Beast gulps down his soup leaving a mess behind.

Time passes, and the table is cleared. Beast nervously asks Belle for a dance in the ballroom. Beast cleans himself up, and meets Belle at the bottom of the grand staircase. Belle politely curtsies to the cursed Prince, and he returns the gesture. The candelabras and chandeliers are lit, romantic music plays, and the two pure souls become one.

The last rose petal hits the ground and somebody bends unexpectedly. They’re both a little scared, and neither one prepared for what is about to happen. With the light shining down from the chandelier, Beast transforms into a handsome Prince. It was one magical night with a tale as old as time.

Maison Albion was honored to be the location for this amazing cosplay photo shoot!

Beast: Mainimus

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