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50th Wedding Anniversary | Maison Albion | Western New York Vow Renewal Venue

Maison Albion became the golden venue for celebrating the timeless love of John and Marie on their 50th wedding anniversary in early May. Family and friends were enjoying cocktail hour on the terrace as they were anticipating the arrival of the beautiful couple. Of course, arriving in style for their surprise party was a must. The couple and their immediate family made their appearances by rolling in on a party bus. The guests of honor were greeted in the ballroom foyer with a beautiful image from their wedding day.

John and Marie enjoyed their drinks as they were in awe of their company. Soon after, it was time for the duo's special ceremony. As guests were seated, the grandchildren were lined up from oldest to youngest, each carrying a single rose. The two oldest grandchildren ushered their grandmother down the aisle to her one love. The two met at the golden altar which was surrounded by white and yellow flowers complimented by greenery and gold accents. Fifty, after all, is the golden anniversary and one lucky accomplishment for a couple. Fifty years worth of words, laughs, and love were exchanged and ultimately sealed once again with a kiss.

Soon after the ceremony, the couple took intimate photos in the rose garden. They focused on each other in a way that was so in love and happy. To be this excited and giddy on your wedding day is one thing, but to have the same look fifty years later is the purest form of love there is.

The night began with an extravagant meal, lovely entertainment, and sharing memories with each other. John and Marie’s two lovely sons gave heartwarming speeches. They reminisce about the life lessons they were taught and how the importance of family was instilled from their wonderful parents. The night went on and ended in dancing, laughing, and ultimately celebrating the couple that made it all possible.

A loving congratulations to John and Marie on their 50th wedding anniversary!

Catering: @Zambistro

Photography: @OneFineDayPhotos

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