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The Best Way to Shop for a Wedding Venue | Maison Albion | Buffalo Wedding Venue

Finding the perfect venue for your wedding seems overwhelming, but it can be so much fun! When you are wedding planning, you have three items that are the most fun/scary/important – the dude/doll, the dress/dapper and the date!! After that, all of your section are fun and flexible.

Most of the couples who visit Maison Albion have at least the first item and we are ready to provide the perfect date for them! This guide will offer you a few suggestions for the right questions to ask, things to look for, and advice on how to fall in love (with your venue)!

Now that you have found your forever love, the knee has dropped, it’s time to find the location that will bear witness and host your most important of days. Here are a few words of advice, to help guide you down the right aisle for your perfect day!

1. Decide on your highest priorities before your first site tour. Is the perfect photo the a high priority on your wedding day? What about lush, fragrant florals? Flexibility in your vendor selection or on-site accommodations? Be sure that you’ve discussed with your fiancé, and your family, what you highest priorities are, so you know what to evaluate before your first visit! (Maison Albion is the perfect for all of these priorities mentioned – just, by the way!)

2. Don’t bring an entourage. When you are shopping for the perfect venue, there is such a thing as too many cooks in the kitchen! Make sure you bring your fiancé, your parents (if they are contributing) and your bestie. Beyond that, you don’t need the opinion of your uncle/third bridesmaid/distant cousin to make a very important decision about your wedding location. Too many guests at your site tour can distract you, and don’t worry, they will be at the wedding!

3. Do you want to tie the knot outside or inside? If you’ve always pictured yourself walking down the aisle, is there grass under your toes, or will you glide down an aisle in a sparkling ballroom? Imagining yourself wandering down the aisle to your love will help you find the “perfect” spot for your wedding day.

4. Pick a date, or at least a season! Before you visit, know what dates are available at the venue you are visiting. If you have flexibility, choose a season to explore dates within. Know that selecting a date other than a Saturday in June will offer you price discount for choosing a Thursday in October or even a Sunday in May!

5. Know your limits. Do you HAVE to have a food truck? Purchase your own alcohol? Aunt Mille HAS to make your cake? Make sure that you ask these questions at your site tour or at least before you sign the contract. If you have a venue that allows a lot of flexibility, you can have the experience that you design. If you chose a venue that has prefixed packages, your independent sections are limited. (Psst….you can have a food truck, buy your own alcohol, AND Aunt Millie’s cake at Maison Albion!)

Follow this simple list for venue shopping bliss! If you set your own expectations before your first visit, it will ensure that evaluating venues will be fun, easy, and effective in your wedding planning process.

If you think Maison Albion may be the perfect venue for your day, please contact us or book your site tour online. We can’t wait to meet you – and congratulations!!!

Event Design and Florals: @erinpatrickmcdonald

Make-Up: Cindy Eibl

Hair: Roots Hair Salon, Medina

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