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Say 'I Do' to These Wedding Tips and Tricks | Western New York Wedding Venue | Maison Albion

As your Maison Bestie, I'm here to offer some helpful tips and tricks to make your Maison Albion wedding successful. These tips will help you save time, money, and stress while creating a fantastic celebration.

1. Repurpose your ceremony flowers: Almost every couple wants to include flowers at their ceremony and reception. Here's a quick tip to do both - Don't let those beautiful flowers go to waste once your ceremony is over. Use them as centerpieces for your guest tables! Reusing your flowers is a great way to save money and create a cohesive look throughout your event.

Slide to see their florals used as centerpieces!

Ceremony photo by : Nina Piccini

2. Use clear drinking glasses as votives: Maison Albion requires a glass votive around an open flame candle. Here's a hack from one of our past brides: instead of renting votives, grab some tall clear drinking glasses and use those as your candle holders. Not only is this a money-saving hack, but it's also a fun way to add a personal touch to your decor.

3. Use the space wisely: Maison Albion has multiple event spaces that can be used for different purposes. Consider using one area for your ceremony, another for your cocktail hour, and a third for your reception. Spacing out your day will help your guests flow through the event and prevent overcrowding. Remember the beautiful gardens and patio area - these spaces are perfect for an outdoor cocktail hour & dinner or dancing under the stars.

Slide to see our many location options for your vows or vow renewals!

Photography by :

Josh & Jasmin Photography @joshjasminphoto

Megan Antalek @meganantalekphoto

Nicole Argo Photography @nicoleargophotography

Richelle Renea Photography @richelle_renea_photography

Jessy Herman Photo @jessyhermanphoto

4. Hire a great DJ or band: When hiring a great DJ for your Maison Albion event, finding someone with wedding experience is essential. A wedding DJ, for example, will know how to follow your timeline and ensure all important dances, formal entrances, and cake-cutting happen on time. On the day of your event, your wedding DJ will act as the master of ceremonies. They will make announcements, introduce speakers, and keep the party going. They can also read the crowd and adjust the music to keep guests on the dance floor.

We have some fantastic DJ's/Bands listed on our Party Partners page!

5. Lighting is everything: Lighting can set the tone for your event and create a magical atmosphere. Use string lights, uplighting, or candlelight to create a warm and romantic ambiance. At Maison Albion, we offer power throughout our property, so if you want chandeliers in our trees - we can make that happen! We also provide Market Lighting as an additional rental to add a special touch to your wedding or event.

Photo by : GD Photography @gdefaziophotography

6. Hire a Day-of Coordinator, Month-of Coordinator, or Wedding Planner: Planning a wedding is a lot of work, and the last thing you want is to be stressed out on the day of your event. Consider hiring a Day-Of Coordinator, Month-Of Coordinator or a Wedding Planner to handle the logistics and ensure everything runs smoothly. Hiring professionals will allow you to relax and enjoy your special day.

Take a peek at our Party Partners for some amazing Wedding Planners!

So, there are some quick tips and tricks to make your Maison Albion wedding successful. Using these ideas, you can create a fantastic celebration that you and your guests will remember forever!

Happy Wedding Planning!


Maison Bestie

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