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Saad and Uma’s Perfectly Pink Pakistani Celebration | Buffalo Wedding Venue | Maison Albion

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

After a week of traditional celebrations, it was time to celebrate the Baraat of Saad and Uma at Maison Albion. To continue with tradition, the Bride's family hosted the Baraat. The Bride, Uma, specially picked Maison Albion as she wanted to stick with Pakistani traditions but add a Bridgerton vibe. As weddings are a time for a couple to come together in matrimony, it is also a great time to honor religion, culture, and heritage.

This traditional Pakistani wedding came to life with the help of our Venue Manager, Allison Pennington. Allison transformed Maison Albion's titanic-inspired Ballroom and Ballroom Patio into a modern-day separation of men and women. Although uncommon in the United States, Pakistani weddings opt to divide men and women because of the strict observance of the hijab, which means veil in Arabic. Men were seated on our Ballroom Patio during this celebration, with women in our grand Ballroom. Inside the Ballroom is where the Bride walked a beautiful aisle leading up to an elegant mandap. The mandap, a square structured stage, was lavishly decorated with light pink fabric, flowers, candles, and a vintage settee. With all the mandap decorations, the elegance of Maison Albion, and the beautiful Bride herself made the Bridgerton vibes come to life at this Baraat.

The common theme for the Baraat is to wear very traditional elegant clothes. The Bride typically wears a heavily embroidered dress.. In Uma's case, she chose a pretty peach-colored attire accompanied by gold jewelry that her mother gifted her as part of the Daaj. The Bride's outfit, also known as a Lehenga, is a three-piece ensemble consisting of the actual lehenga, a long ankle-length skirt, a well-fitted blouse top known as the choli, and a scarf to drape around the outfit known as a dupatta. Uma's lehenga featured a peach beige color in a raw silk base with silk thread, sequins, cutdana, and zardozi hand embroidery. Uma's gold embellished attire perfectly matched Maison Albion's elegance; she was indeed a regal bride. The Groom wore a matching colored suit to the Bride's attire, a dapper gentleman himself.

With the artistic eye of Richelle Renea Photography, Saad and Uma looked glamorous upon the grounds of Maison Albion. From their first look on Maison Albion's front porch to the pure photogenic perfection in our Secret Garden. "A picture is worth a thousand words" is very fitting for these magical moments captured by Richelle Renea.

During this beautiful celebration, all of the Bride's and Groom's family and friends were present, wishing them well. As the evening ended, the family and parents prepared to send off the Bride; this became a very emotional scene as their daughter moved from one family to another. And then they were off, officially husband and wife, Saad and Uma.


Catering: @Kabab & Curry

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