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Western New York Wedding and Event Venue Launch | Maison Albion | Ribbon Cutting Event

On December 12th, 2020, The Glovers cut the ribbon marking the official opening of Maison Albion, Western New York’s newest wedding and event venue, to the public. The official grand opening of Maison Albion took place on the same day as the Fête de Noël event. Before the event began there were many members of the press in attendance and local news sources had the opportunity to write articles, take photos and ask questions at their leisure.

The Chamber of Commerce of Orleans County initiated the ribbon cutting and grand opening moment, Chamber Director Darlene Hartway gave a speech at the event signifying the opening of the mansion. Darlene gave a speech that read:

Hello everyone and welcome. I am Darlene Hartway, Executive Director for the Orleans County Chamber of Commerce. We are here today to celebrate the grand opening and Fête de Noël for Maison Albion, owned by Cole & Kerri Glover and Kerri’s brother Michael Bolster. We appreciate all of you who have taken time out of the busy schedules to help Cole & Kerri celebrate the opening of their new venture. As many of you are aware, Cole & Kerri purchased “The Pillars” property in July with plans on renovating the property into a wedding and event venue with a turn of the century french theme. Kerri brings over 22 years of experience in the wedding industry and Cole has a background in sales and event management. The truly wonderful asset that they both possess and bring to this project is their entrepreneur spirit and their commitment to the community. From the very beginning both Kerri and Cole’s vision were not just for the remarkably wedding and event venue we see around us but for “A home for the community”. Their community involvement and generosity has been overwhelming. They have held marketing workshops to help others in the community, they have hosted our Chamber annual awards dinner and have committed to offering their venue to other nonprofit organizations through the year. Their desire and passion to share what they love with those around them is awe inspiring. “Things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.” Looking around at all the time, talents and efforts in transforming this historic home into this beautiful, elegant, stately, warm, energetic venue. It is easy to see that Kerri and Cole are living their calling. Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen. The Glovers are those people. Their hard work and determination brought them to where they are today. And we here in Orleans County are very thankful they have chosen to be part of our OC community.” The Maison Albion team is eager to begin this journey of love, marriage and memories in the heart of Orleans County.

Venue: Maison Albion

Macaroons: Sara Golic

Buche De Noël: Premier Pastry

Entertainment: Denise Thomas & Jimeleggstrio

Trees and Decor:

Ballroom Table:

Sweet Maison:

Jenn Gremer

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