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Soirée, Solstice in the Secret Garden | Western New York Dinner Party | Maison Albion

Maison Albion welcomed 35 guests to experience the first Soirée, Solstice in the Secret Garden last week. Our guests had the opportunity to indulge in an intimate evening of dining, wine tasting, and enchanting entertainment in our newly landscaped secret garden.

Our guests were greeted by lace-detailed mason jars, lit with candles, to accompany them for the evening. The sweet sound of acoustic music playing filled the air as guests made their way into the intimate garden. Complimentary champagne was poured as everyone settled into the cozy space. Some chatted amongst themselves, taking in the view, while sampling locally produced wines from Circle B Winery. Others dabbled in discovery with a private Tarot reading from Star Seed Shadows.

As the clock struck 7:00 PM, guests were escorted into the secret garden for dinner. All eyes were met with the sight of vintage tabletop, jewel tone goblets, and extravagant candelabras resting on handcrafted farmhouse tables. Magnificent chandeliers hung overhead to set the mood for a magical evening.

Sourced Market and Eatery, a local farm-to-table business, prepared four locally sourced dishes, all of which were inspired by French cuisine. Each dish was paired with locally produced wine from Circle B Winery, who specializes in fruit wines made from all-natural ingredients with no added preservatives.

Soupe Auxpois Frais

For the appetizer round, guests were served a vibrant Fresh Pea Soup, blended with a generous portion of creme fresh and mint leaf. The rich flavor of the cold soup paired perfectly with Isabella, a sweet rose wine.

Poulet au a L’Estragon

For the entree round, guests were served Creamy French Chicken Tarragon, paired with a Traminette wine. The exotic flavors, paired with a classic Traminette table wine, was truly Chef’s kiss.

Salade a la Vinaigrette + Assortiment de Fromages

In typical French fashion, the final dish served was a refreshing salad, consisting of baby gem greens, radish and pea tendrils, drizzled with a champagne vinaigrette. Brie, gruyere and goat were the featured cheeses for the course and crisp pear wine was served to top it all off.

Les Petite Sweets

For the final course, guests took a short stroll over to the Great Lawn for sweet treats under the stars.

As sunlight fell, guests watched as the strawberry moon illuminated the sky with her beauty.

Some sat on the woven Turkish rugs under the twinkling lights. Others sampled macarons, lemon tarts and chocolate covered strawberries, while sipping coffee out of antique china. One guest even broke out into a heartfelt melody. It could have been liquid courage, but we believe it was the magic of Maison that sparked the soul.

Such a serene way to end the first Soirée.

We are so incredibly thankful for everyone that made our first Soirée possible! We are counting down the days until our next Soirée: Under the Sparkling Big Top, hosted on August 17th.




Maison Albion

Phone: 585-560-0056

Instagram: @maisonalbion

Sourced Market & Eatery -

Phone: (585) 318-4597

Instagram: @sourcedmarketandeatery

Circle B Winery -

Phone: (585) 773-4473

Instagram: @CircleBWineryInc

Tarot Reader -

Contact: Ashley Michelle

Instagram: @StarseedShadows

Photography -

Dorian Patrick

Phone: (716) 427-4661

Instagram: @dorianmodephoto


Instagram: @little.letters.home

Music -

Cole Glover

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