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A Mother’s Love | Maison Albion | Western New York Photo Shoot Location

Maison Albion is the perfect destination to capture your magical bond as a mother with your baby at a maternity photo shoot. Having the honor to bring new life into this world is reason enough for a celebration, so why not start with your maternity photos? A baby, or even babies, is a beautiful miracle and Maison Albion has the most gorgeous views to create the perfect match for your maternity memories.

Being a mother gives you all the power to do exactly what you desire for your photos. Are you the glamour mama who does everything with added emphasis? The ballroom would be a perfect fit. With the lighting of three extravagant chandeliers, all of the attention is focused on you and your baby. Or are you the cool and low-key mama who goes with the flow? The secret garden is the ideal place to capture that natural and intimate connection.

No matter what your inspiration is for your maternity photos, Maison Albion has spacious grounds and is committed to make them as special as the bond you have with your baby.




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